Japan Corporation Law Guide 3rd Ed.

著者・編集者:Araki, A/Saito, M

主題:Japan Corporation Law Guide

版次:3rd ed.  



ページ数:592 p.

出版社:Daiichi-Hoki Ltd.



定価:¥27,216(Inclusive of Tax:税込)

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●日本の会社法を英語で解説した『Japan Corporation Law Guide 2nd Ed.』の改訂版

●改訂にあたり、2015年改正の会社法の内容を取り入れた。また、見出しに日本語を併記したり、日本語で一行解説を新たに盛り込んだことで、全文英語のみだった。2nd Ed.よりも読みやすい内容となっている。

This Edition included GLOSSARIES of English/Japanese legal terms often used in the Company Law!!


“Japan Corpoartion Law Guide 3rd Ed.” is the only book explaining Japan Corporate law in English provide you with a comprehensive analysis on Japan corporate law as well as other laws and regulations governing companies in Japan. You will find out in detail about the statures regulating companies in Japan legal requirement imposed on companies, from different business structures to the right of shareholders, company requirements with respect to meetings, accounting disclosure and company finance, the impact of the law on mergers and acquisitions and finally on dissolution and liquidation. The guide is amust for those seeking to set up operaions in Japan, continuing to do business in Japan or entering into business arrengement with Japanese entities. 




【Table of Contents:目次】

Ⅰ.  Statutes Regulating Compamies in Japan:日本の会社関係法令
Ⅱ. Structure of Entities:事業体の構成
Ⅲ. Conpany Finance in Joint Stock Corporations:株式会社のファイナンス
Ⅳ. Directors & Officers:取締役及びその他の役員等
Ⅴ. Meeting:会議体
Ⅵ. Accounting & Disclosure of Joint Stock Corporation:株式会社の会計・開示
Ⅶ. Mergers and Acquisitions:M&A
Ⅷ. Dissolution & Liquidation of Joint Stock Corporation:株式会社の解散・清算
Ⅸ. Sample Forms:各種書式

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